What is AndBust.fun?

Four Kitchens makes content go. This includes VR, AR, and the 3D web.

We built AndBust.fun to showcase how 3D content can be managed and created. Using a small, inexpensive 3D scanner, you can create virtual postcards of visitors in a few minutes. Those visitors can interact with their postcards on any device: laptops, smartphones, tablets, and VR headsets—and using AR markers! No special hardware is needed to view the postcards, and everything is stored on your existing website.

We hope this fun demo sparks imaginations at your organization—and helps make VR and AR more accessible to everyone around the world.

Want to know more? Contact Four Kitchens to learn what VR, AR, and the 3D web can do for your organization!

How to use the postcards

On a desktop: Click the icon in the lower right corner to enter fullscreen. Click and drag your mouse to look around. Use the WASD keys to move around the space. Use the arrow keys to turn and tilt the bust model.

With a VR viewer and a mobile device: If you have a Cardboard or similar viewer for your smartphone, you can view the postcard in fully immersive VR. On your smartphone, tap the icon in the lower right corner to switch to the stereoscopic view. Place it in the viewer and hold it up to your eyes like binoculars.

If you have a tracker: To view the scene in AR you need a tracker. (It's a black square with a logo in the center.) If you didn't get one from our booth, you can download and print an AR tracker.


Made with love by the Four Kitchens Web Chefs:

  • Mike Minecki - @mirzu - Director of Technology
  • James Todd - @techninja - Developer
  • Adam Erickson - Senior Drupal Engineer
  • Joe Tower - Senior Designer and Frontend Engineer
  • Brandy Jackson - Technical Project Manager

Built with these amazing Technologies:

  • Contenta CMS: API-first distribution of the Drupal content management system
  • Pantheon: Our hosting partner
  • Aframe: Framework for building virtual reality experiences on the web
  • ar.js: Framework for tracker based AR on the web
  • Structure.io: 3D scanning sensor
  • ItSeez3d: 3D scanning app
  • Google Blocks: 3D Modeling in VR

AndBust.fun is a trademark of Four Kitchens, LLC.